Discover Vietnam Northwest 6 days 5night

Day 1: Arrival Vietnam—Hanoi city 

Welcome to Hanoi, the beautiful capital of Vietnam, our guide will pick you up at the airport and start to discover the Amazing of  Vietnam Northwest in 6 days and 5 nights

First, we will go to have lunch after a long flight and you also have time to take a view on the way from the airport to Hanoi city center

After lunch, we will be going to visit:


Tran Quoc Pagoda is more than 1500 years old, which means the place holds such an important role in the development of Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular. That is the main reason why the temple attracts thousands of visitors worldwide every year.

The Temple Of Literature—One-Pagoda Complex: is one of the top historical attractions in Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam. It was built about 1000 years ago to be dedicated to Confucius, sages, and scholars, and is also considered the first university in Vietnam. The temple represents ancient Vietnamese architecture and traditional fondness for learning.

Have a buffet dinner at Sen Ho Tay restaurant and discover Hanoi by night.

Overnight in Hanoi

Day 2: Hanoi- Che Cu Nha- Tu Le- Mu Cang Chai

After breakfast, check out of the hotel, then head for:

Che Cu Nha terraced fields are part of a 500-hectare rice terrace complex that also includes La Pan Tan and De Xu communes. The terraced fields are considered a National Vestige and a unique tourist attraction.


Have lunch in local restaurant with the tasty food of the highlands.

Starting to discover:

Tu Le, is famous for its glutinous terrace rice field. Where you can soak up the hot springs and admire the peaceful scenery .The rice terraces were built by the H’mong ethnic minority, who have farmed the land for more than 20 generations.

You also have a chance to check in some of the best terrace rice fields in the Tu Le Valley including Khau Pha Pass, La Pan Tan, Cau Ba Nha. Etc.

Have dinner and overnight in Mu Cang Chai homestay, where you can join the lifestyle of ethnic people here.

Day 3:  Mu Cang Chai – Rong May Glass Bridge – O Quy Ho Sky Gate Sapa

After breakfast, your will check out the homestay and then go to visit:

Mu Cang Chai, these magnificent terraces are a testament to the harmonious relationship between humankind and the environment. Renowned for their breathtaking beauty and intricate design, Mu Cang Chai rice terraces have become an iconic symbol of Vietnam’s rich agricultural heritage.

Have luch in local restaurants. Then continue to discover:


Rong May Glass Bridge, which is translated into English : Rong – Dragon, May – Cloud leading to its English name Cloud Dragon Glass Bridge. It was put into operation in November 2019 and is more than 2,000 meters above sea level. It is currently the highest glass bridge in Vietnam.
O Quy Ho Sky Gate: On the way from the glass bridge to Sapa, we will stop at O Quy Ho Sky Gate, amazing sunset, the mountain pass is winding, and supple as silk. Majestic scenery gives pleasure to you.

Arrival at Sapa, we will have dinner in a local restaurant, and enjoy nightlife activities. Overnight in Sapa town.

Day 4: SapaCat Cat village- Fanxifang peak-Hanoi

Check out the hotel then start to visit Sapa with spotlight:

Cat Cat Village is one of the most attractive scenic areas in Sapa,  witness the picturesque scenes of Sapa, including mighty mountains, immense forests, amazing terraced fields, beautiful valleys, and dazzling waterfalls.


Fanxipang Peak: Famous for conquering the Fansipan peak is an amazing experience that travelers should not miss. 3,143 meters, is located in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. By cable car, you can now reach Vietnam’s highest peak, also known as Indochina’s roof, very easily.

Have lunch, then go back to Hanoi (depending on schedule, we will arrange a buffet lunch in Fanxipan or a local restaurant for you)

Have dinner in Hanoi and get a rest in the Hanoi hotel after a long-day trip.

Day 5:  Hanoi railway café Museum of Ethnology – Hoa Lo Hoa Lo Prison Hanoi old Quater

After breakfast, our driver and guide will bring you to discover real Hanoi by stop at:

Hanoi railway café: Enjoying delicious coffee while watching the old train slowly roll barely a meter away is a terrifying but enjoyable experience for many foreign visitors to Hanoi. (We can change to Egg coffee if you are scared of the railway.)
The Museum of Ethnology offers insight into the 54 different ethnic groups of Vietnam to preserve cultural heritage and promote sociology-cultural diversity within the country. Visitors are welcome to browse some of the vast research on offer at this public museum, which is also a center for ethnographic research.

Have lunch in a local restaurant with Hanoi’s delicious food.


During your Hanoi travel journey, besides enjoying exquisite Vietnamese traditional food, visit:
Hoa Lo Prison should be one of the top activities on your bucket list. Coming to this historical relic, you will have an opportunity to gain a greater insight into the lives of Vietnamese revolutionaries during the First Indochina War.

Hanoi Old Quarter has gained renown thanks to its numerous attractions, rich cuisine, vibrant nightlife, and unique handicrafts. The terms “36 street Hanoi” or “Hanoi Old Quarter” will almost come to everyone’s mind, as these are the streets that have witnessed the history of the capital.

Have dinner in Hanoi Old Quarter, and discover Hanoi by night.

Overnight in Hanoi

Day 6: Good Bye Vietnam- End the Tour

Our driver and guide will bring you to the airport after breakfast, say good-bye to Vietnam, and hope to see you again on the next trip.

Thank you so much.

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