The Viet Nam Flag Tower Stories

The Viet Nam Flag Tower, commonly known as the “Cot Co”- Flag Tower is a historic landmark in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi. This tower is one of a series of flag towers constructed throughout the country, each with its own unique historical importance.

On Vietnam Independence Day (September 2nd), Elena Viet Nam Travel will do a tour of Vietnam to discover the Vietnam Flag Tower, come and join us.

Starting from North to South, each Flag Tower represents a story, a place, a great puzzle piece of Vietnam’s beauty.

Lung Cu – Ha Giang Flag Tower, with a height of 33.15m, is located at Lung Cu mountain peak, also known as Dragon Mountain (Long Son) in Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang Province. It is also the place where the northernmost observatory in Vietnam, with 1,470 m height above sea level is situated.
The trail to Lung Cu National Flag Tower has a total of 839 stairs. Visitors can experience the masterpieces of nature, from drifting clouds, rolling mountains to terraced fields on the Dong Van rock plateau or simply enjoy the quaintness of remote villages. All have illustrated a painting with the colors of the Northwest Mountains.


Built-in the early 19th century, under King Gia Long of the Nguyen Dynasty,
Hanoi Flag Tower (also known as Ky Dai Hanoi) with a height of 33.4m, is located in the yard of the Viet Nam Military History Museum in Dien Bien Phu Street, Ba Dinh District. The Flag Tower is a special work in the complex of Thang Long Imperial Citadel and one of the symbols of Thang Long Capital -Hanoi.

Since 1954, for the first time, the Viet Nam national red flag with a yellow star- flew atop the Hanoi Flag Tower. Until now, that flag still flutters in the sky of the thousand-year-old capital of Hanoi and remains a sacred emblem, the pride of the nation of Vietnam.
In 1989, the Hanoi Flag Tower was recognized as a historical monument, contributing to attracting a large number of tourists to Hanoi.


Quang Tri Flag Tower with the red flag with a yellow star fluttering in the sky Vinh Linh on the north bank of the 17th parallel has stood as a historical witness from the early days of the North and South divisions since the signing of the Geneva Agreement in 1954.
The Flag Tower still remains an immortal symbol of faith, will and strength, as well as the aspiration for the reunification of Vietnam.

Experiencing many ups and downs in history, Hien Luong Flag Tower today, situated on both banks of Hien Luong – Ben Hai River in Hien Luong village, Hien Thanh commune, Quang Tri Province, has been restored with a height of 38.6m and the 75-square-meter flag, thus being a symbol of the aspiration for peace and reunification of the whole nation. Prime Minister has classified Hien Luong – Ben Hai River Bank Historical Site (Vinh Linh and Gio Linh districts, Quang Tri Province) as a special national heritage
Thua Thien Hue Flag Tower (also known as Ky Dai) is an architectural monument of the Nguyen Dynasty, built in the 6th year of Gia Long’s reign (1807).
Along with the ups and downs of Hue City, Ky Dai had witnessed many historical events of the nation.
On August 23, 1945, the flag of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam was raised atop Ky Dai for the very first time, marking the end of Vietnam’s feudalism.Today, Ky Dai Thua Thien Hue is at the heart of Hue City and a symbol of an ancient capital, attracting domestic and international tourists to Hue City. The Flag Tower stands as a reminder of the historical lessons and pride of the people of Thua Thien Hue.

Ho Chi Minh Flag Tower or common name is Thu Ngu Flag Tower, built in October 1865 under the French name of Mât des Signaux (signal tower) served as a signal tower for ships entering and leaving the Gia Dinh – Saigon area as well as the Saigon commercial port (Port de Commerce de Saigon).
The Flag Tower got its name since it was constructed on the base of the Thu Ngu palace (the mandarin who guarded and managed the port of the Nguyen Dynasty). Over 150-year-old Thu Ngu Flag Tower has stood the test of time and beheld the development of the land of Gia Dinh – Saigon in the past to today’s modern and dynamic Ho Chi Minh City.
It has held an important place in the heart and soul of the people of Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City and an irreplaceable symbol in the City’s historic cluster of sites at Bach Dang Wharf.Thu Ngu Flag Tower was ranked as a City-level heritage site in 2016 and renovated into Thu Ngu Flag Tower Park in 2020, to become a cultural-historical space of Ho Chi Minh City and a destination for tourists, along with other important landmarks along the Saigon River such as Nha Rong Wharf, Customs building, Mong bridge, Bitexco, Landmark 81.

Hanoi Flag Tower (45 meters high), located in Ca Mau Cape Culture and Tourism Park, in Dat Mui commune, Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau Province, was built in imitation of the ancient Hanoi flagpole architecture associated with the tradition and history of Thang Long Hanoi – thousand years of civilization, by the People’s Committee of Hanoi as a present to Ca Mau Province in 2016.
The Flag Tower is designed with harmonious and majestic architecture but still depicts an ancient feel, just like the original.
From the high floor of Dat Mui Flag Tower, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Hon Khoai archipelago in the middle of the East Sea and the alluvial beach of the West Sea or the immense mangrove forests in the southernmost part of the country.

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